Post-Snap Read: Week 10


There were seven games that pitted ranked teams against each other but the story of the weekend were two games in the Big Ten. Michigan State upsetting Penn State and Iowa completely dominating Ohio State. Two performances that you will see throughout our list of notable performances.

Continue on for some other the other best and worst performances of the weekend.

Best Offensive Performances

These teams are chosen through a slightly more complex method that isn’t depicted here so that strength of opponent is accounted for, but best to worst you can see the five best offensive performances of the week. Each team’s raw points per possession is shown but since that isn’t the exact measure of performance those values won’t necessarily be in descending order.

top offense wk10

Best Defensive Performances

This is the same story as with the offensive units and how they’re identified and ranked.

top defense wk10

Best Overall Performances

Combining the values from the offensive and defensive rankings gets you these teams with the five best showings in week two.

top performances wk10

Clunkers of the Week

This is obvious, but in the barrel of performances with the best rising to the top in the above category, these five team performances were scraped off the bottom of the barrel.

clunkers wk10

Moral Victories

These five teams lost their games on the scoreboard but had the five best performances among all of the losing teams this week.

moral victories wk10

Immoral Victories

These teams may have finished with more points than their opponent, but it was ugly and they should be ashamed it was so close.

immoral victories wk10

Upsets of the Week

These teams were identified solely from their difference versus the opponent in our ratings while picking up a victory. It doesn’t account for expected point spread or home field advantage.

upsets wk10


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